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Speedy Tuesday - Top Speedmaster Articles in 2013It's Speedy Tuesday! We thought it may be nice to provide you with a directory of the most effective read Speedmaster articles on Fratelloreplica watches. For the full introduction to the almost 100 Speedy Tuesday articles we did, go to the Speedy Tuesday section.1. Omega Speedmaster Down side Of The MoonIt is now very clear that the readers love the newest Speedmaster Down side on the Moon. Remove from a block of ceramic, using the in-house developed and manufactured Co-Axial caliber 9300 column-wheel chronograph movement, the ceramic dial plus the soft strap is popular by virtually all Speedmaster fans out there. The delivery to the boutiques of the Bad side with the Moon is slowly happening but many pieces happen to be gone every time they arrive because there are waiting lists for the children. The pricing of the Bad side on the Moon (and many types of other caliber 9300 Speedmasters) seems to be frowned upon by so many, but understand that the first hand-wound Speedmaster Professional is among the cheaper replica watches from the current Omega collection. The innovative movement, ceramic case and complete with the new line-up of Omegas justifies the pricing in your opinion, specially when in comparison with chronograph replica watches from certain other brands who deliver less value.Click here for the article for this Baselworld 2013 novelty.2. OMEGA Speedmaster '57 Co-AxialAlso introduced in Baselworld 2013 was this Speedmaster '57 Co-Axial caliber 9300 timepiece. Whether or not it was based the first Speedmaster CK2915 or maybe means very first production year with the Speedmaster are available here, but also in any case it is a stunner and our readers agreed on this too in 2013. This Speedmaster '57 Caliber 9300 measures a modest 41mm in diameter and has now a symmetrical case (no crown guards). A really elegant watch! At the moment, there are a number of versions of this model available at your Omega retailer. We like the all stainless version, but also happen to such as the gold/steel edition using a leather strap (were currently preparing our hands-on review your one). article about this Omega Speedmaster '57.3. Another OMEGA Speedmaster Co-Axial Caliber 9300 ReviewWe did an assessment for the Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Caliber 9300 ourselves in 2012, but there were a guest contribution by Lukasz from Chronos24.pl early 2013 discussing this piece also. He gave his look at this first Speedmaster using the in-house developed co-axial column wheel chronograph movement by Omega. A fascinating read for everyone interested in buying this watch. With all the new Speedmaster Bad side in the Moon and Speedmaster '57 models the choice making generally is a bit harder, yet it's still on the list of modern Speedies we wish to own ourselves likewise (in addition to the Speedmaster Professional). Speedmaster Co-Axial Caliber 9300 Review4. True Story About The Speedmaster Racing - Speedmaster TintinThis article almost got us sued from the rightful who owns Herge & Tintin publications. There we were the first one to report concerning the true story for this specific Speedmaster Professional. Introduced being a Speedmaster Professional Racing edition, we soon discovered that it actually was intended to be a particular edition to honor the Tintin (e.g. Destination Moon) comic. The little seconds hand at 9 o'clock was the Rocket as affecting Tintin's Destination Moon book, but after Omega approached the rightful one who owns Herge they declined it. Omega replaced the rocket using a normal small seconds hand and the other Speedmaster Pro Racing was given birth to. The white and red squares already unveal who's has little about the prior racing replica watches, as being the pattern was quite different (together an alternative size). The unofficial Tintin watch has become quite popular at the moment, since Speedmaster enthusiasts understand this little background story. It may take action for the future value of this watch, that's for sure. In the original article, we used a scan of the Tintin books which showed the first rocket. We took them after receiving letters with the Herge publisher's legal department. story within the Speedmaster Tintin watch5. Speedy Tuesday Event Photo ReportOne with the popular features of 2013 with regards to Speedy Tuesday to all of us ended up being to setup a meeting guys at our Speedy Tuesday Event. Fratelloreplica watches organized this event coupled with OMEGA and European Space Agency's official visitor centre 'Space Expo' in Noordwijk, Netherlands. A meet & greet with James H. Ragan (former NASA employee to blame for the procurement procedure and test procedures of the Omega Speedmaster in 1964) for a fine people from the Omega Museum in Bienne. mens watches uk Omega brought a few of their precious museum timepieces along with the new collection (Bad side from the Moon and Speedmaster '57 models) to indicate towards the guests tomorrow. Also, Speedmaster fans had the oppertunity to fulfill one another likewise and exchanged more knowledge about their most favorite timepiece. Hopefully you like as a way to organize more Speedy Tuesday Events in the foreseeable future. Speedy Tuesday Event Photo Report.6. Speedmaster Professional versus Speedmaster ReducedAlthough the bottom is replaced with the Speedmaster Automatic eventually, we still receive(d) emails about this topic since Speedmaster Reduced has countless similarities with all the Moonwatch. Initially sight which is, as being the Moonwatch has a hand-wound movement instead of automatic winding plus can be a tad bit larger. There are other differences after you zoom-in on these timepieces. Cause for us to keep them next to each other and teach you the variants detail. Speedy Pro versus Speedy Reduced article.7. Omega Speedmaster Professional 'Snoopy'One in our Speedy Tuesday readers, Daniel Justin, contributed some of the photos he took of his Omega Speedmaster Professional Snoopy. Probably the most sought-after modern special edition Speedmaster Professional replica watches fake rolex . Introduced in 2004 in a serious high number of replica watches (5441 pieces) but out of stock years ago. Ever since, the Speedmaster Pro Snoopy has risen in value quite a lot and are difficult to find. We've been told through NASA's James H. Ragan that class of NASA astronauts or NASA people can be about the look-out of those Snoopy replica watches. Specifically when also, they are in the possession of the Snoopy Award (a tiny pin easily recall correctly).Follow the link if you wish to have more background for the Snoopy Award iwc strap replacement watches , the hyperlink together with the 1970 Apollo 13 mission that failed and why the Speedmaster played this kind of natural part that it received NASA's Snoopy Award.Click here for the Speedmaster Professional 'Snoopy' article8. Omega Speedmaster Professional MoonphaseAlso referred to as Omega Speedmaster Professional ref . 3575-20. this Moonphase edition is founded on the Speedmaster '57 Replica (or re-edition) as introduced in 1997. Using its Broad Arrow hands, a nod to the initial Speedmaster CK2915 as introduced in 1957. This edition has a cream white dial and blue hour markers and hands. Along with a moon phases complication of course. Powered by Omega caliber 1866, and that is basically a caliber 1861 having a moon phases module added, this hand-wound caliber has been employed in almost every other Speedmaster Professional models using a moon phase. The first Speedmaster Professional Moonphase was introduced in 1985 had had the predecessor of the movement, the caliber 866. article on the Speedmaster Pro Moonphase9. Photo Report of any Speedmaster GTGOn the 21st of July 2013, 44 years as soon as the first astronaut enter within the Moon, we had somewhat Speedmaster GTG (get-together) with a few Speedmaster fans inside Netherlands. There was clearly approx 60 Speedmaster replica watches on the table through the lunch with the collectors who attended the GTG. Somewhat small event we shall surely seek to do again this current year. Photo Report on the Speedmaster GTG10. The entire Gold And Bi-Color Speedmaster '57 Caliber 9300The fourth and final mentioning with the new Caliber 9300 Speedmasters on this Top of best read Speedmaster articles in 2013. We actually supposed to see more interest in vintage Speedmaster replica watches but will also can see right now how the interest in news about the recently introduced Speedmaster with this particular incredible cool movement is quite high too. However, we've got to claim that it is often a call with articles on vintage Speedmasters. The total gold and bi-color Speedmaster models will not be everyone's taste, but we eventually like them ourselves at the same time. The total gold Speedmaster '57 is certainly impressive and we'd pick it whenever on the gold Rolex Daytona. At any time. article within the full gold and bi-color Speedmaster '57 Caliber 9300